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Week Ten Wrap-Up

I’m thrilled that you’ve made it here to Week 10! Whether you’ve made it in 10 weeks, 15 weeks or more, you’ve finished this leg of the journey and I want to commend you for a job well done. It has been my pleasure to study with all of you and I look forward to continuing our journey together.

Here are the questions to get our discussion rolling today:

How are you at discerning truth and being able to tell it apart from error?

How can we be truth tellers in a society that is so saturated with and bent towards lies?

What has been your biggest takeaway from this study?

Finally, here’s the link to partner with us in bringing inductive Bible study to others around the world! I hope you’ll join me. 🙂

Partner with Precept

Week Nine Wrap-Up

The book of Joshua is one of my favorites in all of the biblical text! I hope you’ve enjoyed your time reading about the victories of the children of Israel as much as I have this week. Here are the questions to get our discussion time rolling:

• Are there shoes you’ve been trying to fill that you just need to surrender to God? If so, how will you do that?

• How are you at responding to the truth that you have?

Looking forward to hearing from you this week!

Week Eight Wrap-Up

Just so you know, you’ve officially made it through the toughest part of this study! Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are all critical books in God’s revelation, but they are tough. Our final two weeks in Joshua and Judges will be easier as we’ll be making our way into more narrative sections of Scripture.

The two questions to kick off our discussion time this week are:

• What simple truth in God’s Word do you make more difficult than it is?

• So far in this study we’ve talked quite a bit about pushing ahead of God. Is there any area where you’re lagging? Is there anywhere God is saying “Move” and you’re saying “I’d rather not”?

Remember, these questions are just to get us started. Feel free to add your comments, thoughts, and takeaways from your study this week.

Finally, it’s not too late to join me in a class gift for Precept Ministries. When you give to Precept, you help people around the world learn to discover truth for themselves in God’s Word. Since last week, we’ve contributed $800 as a group. Here’s the link if you believe God would have you give:

Class Gift

Week Seven Wrap-Up

This week, my friends, you get to flex with me. 🙂 As you know, I’m really in the big middle of this study with you. I cut the videos week by week as we go along and this week I’m traveling. Had the video done before I got on the plane but compression and uploading takes a bit of time. Should have been able to do it before bed last night, but was so tired I let it upload while I slept.

Thanks for your patience with me!

Here are the two questions to get us started this week:

• What does living as a holy people look like in your life today?

• How would you answer a person who wanted to know why on earth they should read/study Leviticus and/or Numbers?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon AND if you’re in Chattanooga for the Women’s Conference, I look forward to seeing you!

One more thing . . . the video is a little long this week, but there is an extended portion of review. If you’re pressed on time and are solid on the material we’ve covered so far, feel free to scoot ahead to the 13:14 minute mark if you can recite the players from Adam through Moses backwards while standing on your head in the dark. 😉

Week Six Wrap-Up

I know some of you have been a little perplexed on what to do with key words in Old Testament books. Let’s face it, in the New Testament key words are usually much more of a slam dunk. Right now I’m writing a study on Galatians and having to tell my students to dial it down on key words because there are so many theologically packed words in the text that we’re studying. To mark them all would be to color the page a rainbow. Key words and phrases in the Old Testament can be a little more elusive at times. Today I’ll be tracing the phrases that focus on God making Himself known throughout the pages of Exodus. I hope this will help you get a little more of a picture on how paying attention to key phrases over an expanded portion of text can help us better understand what we’re reading.

I did make a comment in the video about some material that is coming up in Cookies 2 — part of it, the account of Rahab, will actually be coming up in our current study. It’s the Philistine material that is on the docket for the next round.

Here are the questions to get us rolling today:
• What are some life triggers that cause you to forget what you know about God?
• What are the implications of internalizing and submitting to the truth about who God is?

Looking forward to hearing from you this week!